Sunday, May 13, 2012

So Now I have to............

Funny how I thought it would be great to move to an RV Park in the Sunshine State and not have to do any yard work.... not have to mow the grass... not have to rake the leaves... not have  to.... well you get it it?      right??????

So we sold the farm, well most of it anyway, and moved to Florida.

To St Augustine Beach Florida to be exact.

And we moved into the best RV park in the city.   Beats the "resort" parks hands down.  yep, really loving it.  The beach is that way, work is the other way, and best resturants in town is across the street.

So after about 6 months in the old RV, we upgraded to a new RV and are loving it.

Yet there was something lacking......  the Barngoddess used her skills at growing to plant flowers and things just took off.......

Put in a flower box for her, nothing special, just a few blocks frm the local big box home improvement store, and some soil and ........ walla, she has her flower box.

Everything is going great, she plays in the flower garden as I sit in my lawn chair and watch... great ........right??????????   wrong???????????

Then came the need for grass to accompany the flower box, and also to keep the sand out of the new home........ so to that same big box (Joey Logano sponsor) and we came home with sod.  lots of sod...  more sod......
and walla, the yard was formed.  So next came a weed eater to mow the sod with....... and now I am mowing the grass every week..............................

I think I should bring my Zero Turn JD mower back so I can cut that grass quickly...
so a few pics of the yard for your  viewing pleasure.

the flower box in the front yard,

this shows the back yard and the back flower box added because
I got a few too many blocks to start with

and a different view of the front yard and the original flower box.
Note that F350 dually, 7.3L waiting to get to work hauling our new house around.

So now, every week I have to haul that weed eater out and mow the grass.

Takes longer to set up to mow than mow...

but we love it down here.
Love to all in MO and will see you soon.

Tom and Viola.

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