Sunday, June 3, 2012


FUNNY, I used to say that too......

So here's the lowdown:

    1,046 miles
    26 hours of driving, not counting rest breaks or fuel/food stops.
    1/2 day to spend doing what I wanted (so I slept)
    Not enough time with the Bus, but he was being a remodeler, so can't stay around him
too long or I would be knee deep in helping him.
   One day filled with getting air bags on the little mule so we don't bottom out again.  That interstate system we have been across - well it's full of frost heaves that rattle your bones.
   One day finding out that I am healthy and don't need return for another year....

And tomorrow we head out again on that 1,046 mile saga.
But will try to get pictures this time.
First stop is Mark Twain Campground, directly on the Mississippi (just teaching him to spell that word was funny enough).

So more later.
Gabe, enjoy Gulf Shores, somewhere I got pics of the beach from the Days Inn at Gulf Shores.  Great time there, but I like StAug better.

Bus more time later.  And this evening I remembered my little sister is now in Spgfld and not PCB, so I didn't get to see her.
Maybe next time take two full weeks in Spgfld not counting the travel to and fro.....
Maybe next time say forget it and just send emails.


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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tom!
Save travels home.
Love ya,
Mary and Don, too