Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Fort at St Augustine

So while the Beachgoddess was resting, the Noble Assistant and I headed downtown St. Augustine for a couple hours of touristing and exposing her to the area. Our first stop was at the Fort, a great place to visit, one of our National Parks, and well worth the trip to spend a couple hours at should you ever be in this Great Nation's Oldest City. The Castillo de San Marcos National Monument. Construction started in 1672 and completed finally in 1756. First thing that happened upon arriving and walking into the fort, was a loud BOOM that scared the beejees out of Jaycee. During the weekends the reenactors shoot off a cannon every couple hours at the fort. So to enter the fort, you have to ask permission of the gate man

so after getting a pic with a reenactor, we headed for the fort

I caption this one: "my granpa doesn't need a shotgun when he has one of these - boys better beware"

The main courtyard:

A pic with the sign that addressed the fort:

of course, after the fort we needed to rest, so we went to the one place where you can rest, and still be a tourist:
Then quit and back to visit with the Beachgoddess. And that's how we celebrated life on Saturday. tom

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