Sunday, June 17, 2012

Here are some pictures of the adventures of my granddaughter while visiting Florida over the past few days.

First is her bedroom, yep the living room of our 40 ft Fifth wheel travel trailer:

Next is a pic of what the local girl friend of my wife did to her nails and toenails:

So today being Saturday before Father's Day, Viola and I decided to take JC to the racettrack at Daytona Beach. But frst we had to meet up with the expert at the Race Track and doing at the Birthplace Speed, John-John (aka: Longrooffan aka Bythenumbers) So once intros were made we were off to the track:

What track, why the big 500 track
And all thewhile I have problems downloading pictures to this blog. more later But we had a blast and more pictures ot come. tom

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