Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another Perfect Day

All day today the weather has been perfect, about 34 degrees, very light breeze, cloudy sky, BUT it didn't rain or snow.... so another perfect day to work around the ole homestead.

Have been wanting to build a breezeway into the west stall in her Stable building, so as to block the wind, rain, snow, etc from blowing into that stall.

Well we have put one of the steers in the center lot to fatten up, so today I got my Noble Assistant to help me get started. Then Derek came by and somehow that Noble assistant got Derek to take her place and off she went into the house.. last I saw she was teaching Derek's boys how to bowl.

So here are a couple shots of the work in progess:

Derek and I are checking the saw cuts to make sure we have a good fit, and you can see where Derek previously slipped and sat down in the mud and muck:

Here is Derek coming out to help - of note is the amount of mud and muck and horse manure..

By the way, I still haven't learned how to change the date on the camera, ergo the pictures showing date of 1/25/07 instead of 2/6/10.

Unless the camera is like me, getting too old to remember the correct date.

So more construction on the farm, all the while we continue to


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Busplunge said...

Sorry I missed you Friday night, last.

In that last picture the barn door is open.