Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hard to believe

So today is the greatest day for speed and valentines.

Got the Barngoddess dressed up last night and took her to the local valentine's day dinner and dance.

See we do get out of our bibbers every once in a while:

Then today was even more fun. After getting to bed about two this morning, I slept in until that weird noise woke me up around 6 am...... baa baa baa baa baa baa.
I turned the dogs out and all they did was bark. So the Barngoddess put the dogs up and repremanded me for not knowing that we now have this strange animal on the farm.

Then I get a call around 11 from the dump truck guy who wants to bring gravel over today instead of tomorrow, ok and I get bundled up and get out working to prep the ground for the gravel.... temp at noon is 30, windchill about 15, but I made it work.

Then the dump truck guy calls and says his truck broke in the cold, so I got to come back inside and watch the Great American Race. Thought I saw the Jeep down there following some babes around, but wasn't sure....

Then got to watch 2 hours of asphalt patching.... hell the guys from MODOT can fix a pothole faster than you guys down there in sunny land. Don't they know what a pothole is??? Better yet, just put a yellow cone over the hole and get back to racing.
Jamie and Johnnie won today, so Joplin and Springfield will be festive tonight.

Then got up and looked out the window to see this:

Then got the 11 year old to hook this old man up to the internet and spent 45 minutes on a video conference with the Longrooffan. Good time and good visit. Saw some of his place. We shared a glass from the hurricane/tornado supplies and ended on a good note that it was my bed time as soon as I finished blogging.

So tomorrow comes the dump truck guy and instead of a day of rest, I get to work gravel all day. Old well, the farm is running itself, the animals are doing fine, I have an 11 year old to show this 60 year old how to do computer stuff.. what more can I ask for except to be married to the best gal in the whole world, and be able to visit with family whenever it is convenient.
Bus missed you today, but will see you soon.


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Sara said...

Who is that clean shaved man? I don't recognize him...

Hey, Aunt Vi! I got Petey an new harness and would love a lesson if we ever get any nice weather again!