Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I love it

Guys and Gals,

There is seldom a time that I don't "Celebrate Life" and enjoy my time on this internet thing.

Occasionally I'll come across something that really gets me going, pure unadultrated laughter to the max.

Now I work at a Veteran's Facility and see a lot of down and out veterans that have really just kind of given up hope and are hanging on till the end.

One of the vets I see every other week is a WW2 vet that was able to make the trip to Wash DC on the "Honor Flight" last month, to see the WW2 memorial.

I always make it a point to stop and visit with him, just to say hi and ask how he is doing. Makes my day and I'm sure that he is impressed with a staff member that visits with him in front of all the other vets... makes him feel important...

But I stole this from another blogger, and have to pass it on. I just couldn't help laughing...

I'm sure if my vet friend had grandkids in the area, he'd be doing this..... my own speed racer:

and I will show this to him next week when I again "celebrate life" by visiting with him.

Peace and remember to Celebrate Life

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longrooffan said...

Awesome post Horse-Farmer...thanks for sharing and let that WWII Vet know this olelongrooffan down in the cold, Sunshie State sends my Thanks for his Service to our Country.