Saturday, February 21, 2009

Long time coming

Well I woke to another Saturday morning ready to hit it and get a lot done.

Looked out the window and "yep" another Saturday with snow on the ground.

Did the right thing and got back in bed with the Barngoddess and went back to sleep.

Lot's happening around the homestead...
The Barngoddess and I have been working quite bit on her Bronc to get it registered and on the road.

Got the mirrors on it, both outside and today an inside windshield mirror. Battery is checked out ok at my local favorite parts store... this can mean two things, one the battery was just low and needed a good auto parts store charge, or >>>>> dreads to me.... there is a short somewhere in the wiring.
With all the work Steph and I have been doing on the wiring, I hope it is the sooner and not the later. Would hate to have to redo all the wiring again......

Have got the new seats in and the back window in.....
Two of the local auto glass stores wanted 150 to 170 to put a new window in the tailgate of the bronc. Found a used one on line, 40 bucks plus shipping. Came to 57 big ones. Barngoddess and Sharks Angel and Little Princess and I installed it in about 30 minutes. Yes save 100 big ones on that.

Took most of the day, well most of the day except when I was bs'ing with the Bus or the Ole Rag Top Long Roof Fan, but finally got the brackets for the back seat out of my Bronc so we can install it in Her Bronc so she will have back seat with seat belts. Comedy of sorts, the gas tank blocks all but about two inches of space so one cannot get his hand or a wrench into the space to hold the nuts while the screw is undone.

After about ten minutes of me twisting and turning trying to get a wrench on the nuts, Barngoddess casually makes the remark "hey could we tape a wrench to a stick and reach it that way?"

Now that is thinking.

So got the 9/16 wrench duct taped YES RED GREEN WOULD BE SO PROUD, and yes we got the nuts loose from the screws. Well the nuts are still on top of the gas tank, but hey the bracket is ready to be installed in her Bronc tomorrow. One more item done.
Of all the things I can do, one of my downfalls is transmissions. Especially automatic ones. I can't figure them out.... So

In test driving her Bronc on the highway (yes we have insurance on it, just not licensed yet) found that it will not shift out of low gear. Don't know if it is the shifter or tranny, so Barngoddess talked to a girlfriend of her's and long story short, the gal down at Wood's Transmission in Aurora MO is going to work her Bronc in this week and have the guys figure what is wrong. Not what you know, but who is a realism..

Spent some time on the phone with the Ole Rag Top Long Roof Fan, man I wish he would figure out what name he wants to be called............... ORTLRF is too danged long. Anyway, we talked about this bracket I need to put the arm rests on her Bronc. Seems the 66 Broncs had a bracket that was scr... anyway, I sent him some scanned images of this "Arm Rest Bracket" to research and see if he could find a couple so her Bronc will have arm rests on it.

tonight I found a couple Brackets for a 66 mustang that look very similar to the ones I need. So ordered them and will see if they will work.
ORTLRF don't stop looking.

tonight it is cold and the heater ran out of fuel, so we quit and came inside to watch the boob tube and get caught up on internet withdrawls.....

Tomorrow is another day.

Oh almost forgot..... Little Princess had another bball game today, and because the team was short a player, she had to play the whole game. this after spending the night at her girlfriends house (girls staying up half the night giggling), so she was tired, but she did score a basket, and got a rebound or two. She is becoming quite a bball player.

Well it is news time, Barngoddess is in bed, and I thank everyone for a great day and continue to remember that our mission in life is to


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