Saturday, April 11, 2009

Another Great Saturday

Today, I got up at eight o'clock. A guy named Kevin was going to come at 9 to get some calves. Mom and I were supposed to go over to Papa's at 8:30. While we were waiting Papa decided that we were going to plant trees. We have an apple, peach, and pear tree that were planted.

{note: 3 standing around while one works! Looks like government to me}

In the middle of the last tree, Kevin came. Grandma and I went to help Kevin while Mom and Papa finished planting.

After we got done with the planting and cow selling (Kevin bought 3 calves, then talked to his buddy on the phone and took two more). We sold 5 calves today, great! I went to take a shower to get ready to go to the ball park. Papa, Grandma, and I were going to watch the Springfield Cardinals going against the Frisco Rough Riders. The game started at 2:10 so we left at noon. We got there around 12:45 but we had to pick up our tickets.
The gates opened at 1:10, they were having a hat give away and Papa got green, and Grandma and I got white.

We were section M right past the dougout, row 3, seats 23, 24, and 25. I took a picture of the field before the game.

We watched as they cleaned the field and wet it down.

There were a few foul balls but we could not catch one or catch any things Louie and his cheerleaders threw out. I got Louie, a Cardinal mascot
, and a couple of Frisco players to sing my hat too
. The game was real exciting! At the top of the ninth Frisco got three runs which took us to 5-4 Cardinals leading.
{NOTE: and that is how the game ended. 5-4 Cards win again.}

Drafted, typed and written by My Noble Assistant, the Little Princess.

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