Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Whatcha do today

So the other day I found a David Bradley Tractor on Craig's List out of St Louis.

Now growing up we had ten acres outside the town of Defiance MO.
One of the tools bought for that acreage was a David Bradley 2 wheel tractor with all sorts of implements.

So the one I find outside St Louis has all the same implements, and is the same year time frame. The Bus and I digressed on the subject of me buying it, him going and getting it. After a couple days, we decided that we would only be buying memories and that it would get no real use here on the farm, or at his City House. So we passed on it.

Glad I did. Barngoddess found a ramp for the back of our horse trailer on Craig's List this afternoon. Located in Clever MO (why someone would name their town clever is a different story altogether) about 20 miles from here.

So after getting home and doing a quick mowing of the east paddock, the front yard, back yard and around the garden, the Barngoddess and I jump in the Little Big Mule and head for Clever.

Yep, it will work perfectly.

Got home and with the assistance of Sharks Angel and the Little Princess......

yep it's on the back of the trailer already. Only two bolts holding it on for now, but will finish later this week.

So the Barngoddess will not have to have her little horses jump into the trailer anymore.

A picture of it in the stow position:

and a picture in the load position with my noble assistant demonstrating

and FOOT DUN IT graphics has a large flat area to put more graphics on the trailer so you all traveling the highways and byways will know that our rig passed you.

The best is that I got the ramp for less than the David Bradley was going to cost me, AND
we will use that ramp more than we ever would the DB.

And that's how we



longrooffan said...

Nice score horsefarmer, and a good move on that DB tractor...that thing looks like a ton of work, and that work is best done with a tractor underneath you....


Lil Jim said...

After watching the horses make that step in the rain after a parade I agree the ramp was a great idea...

Sara said...

Ohhh... Jealous! Love the ramp!