Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Great Stimulus Idea = why not?

So apparently a newspaper or radio or some media down somewhere in the east or southeast came up with an idea for a promo
"What is a better stimulus package for America?"

The winner came up with a great idea and I back it 100%
There are about 40 million Americans in the work force who are over 50.

So give each of these 40 million Americans, who are over 50, in the work force $1,000,000,000.00 Thats right one million dollars each.

Now the clincher

1. Each one of these people will have to retire from their job within 3 months.
BINGO; 40 million new jobs for the unemployed.

2. Each one of these people will have to buy a new car or truck from one of the big three (Ford Chrysler or GM).
BINGO: 40 million new cars, thus supporting the Auto industry.

3. Each one of these people will have to pay off their mortgage, or buy a new house.
BINGO: What better way to stimulate the banks and lending organizations.


Why bail out those who made bad loans, when we could give the money to those directly and thus help our economy and help America too.

that's my two cents for the day.

HEY BARACK, HEY CLAIRE, HEY KIT, HEY ROY.... Any takers???????

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nettybug said...

Seems like a similar solution was implemented back in the 1930's, slimmer stimulus, but designed to get older workers off the payroll and create jobs....I think it was called Social Security.