Sunday, April 5, 2009

A weekend away from the RATs and the RATRACE

The phone call went something like this:

"Lets take off for the weekend".
"Where to"
"I dunno, somewhere we haven't been"

So Friday at 5:00 PM, the Barngoddess and I pile into the big little mule and head out of the Farm enroute to a lazy weekend "somewhere".

6 hours later we arrive at our destination. Temp outside was cold and damp, we got everything in to the cabin and couldn't find the heater. Found the fireplace, so I went to the store and bought firewood. Paid an arm and a leg to discover I had bought "green" firewood. The type that doesn't burn and only causes a lot of smoke. It was so cold that I didn't need ice for my evening G&T. And that was inside the cabin. Barngoddess finally found the heater (it was in the air conditioner) and we got some heat, but the window heater (alias a/c unit) made more noise than the dogs chasing the cats.

Woke up cold, but had good breakfast of Bacon (fresh from our latest pig slaughter), Eggs (fresh from the Coup) and good ole coffee, all hot and plenty good.

So our destination was one that I remember going to as a child. Don't remember shit about the trip or where we were or "well nothing", but we decided to have good memories this trip.

This sign says it all

Being good citizens and wanting to enjoy the Same E. Baker State Park, the Barngoddess and I took a stroll along one of the many hiking trails that crisscross the park.

Here is where we are going

And here is where we were:

Or maybe it is the other way around. Needless to say we finally got to the place that we was a going to and having traveled around this big globe of ours, from Hong Kong, to Edinburg Scotland, to Perth, Australia, to Guam, San Crox and Hawaii, we are seldom awed by what we find. In Hawaii we drove the Hana Highway (the curviest road ever) to look at the 7 falls. I'd link here, but am too bored to even think Hawaii's 7 falls anywhere near compared with the seven falls located along the Big Creek (not the Big River of our younger days), but the Big Creek that wanders thru the Sam A. Baker SP. If you count them, there are at least 7 falls here

If you only find 6, look again, for the 7th is there too.
Our walk continued for 1.7 miles and we ended up on a huge gravel bar. Yes I remember gravel bars from my first trip to Sam Baker SP, but I am sure this gravel bar wasn't here and the rocks we strolled on weren't even a twinkle in their daddy rock's eyes when I was here last. The Barngoddess did what she does best at times like these.... gathered rocks for her rock garden back at the farm.

Now the many rocks we have at the farm cannot be threatened by a few small rocks the Barngoddess collected. But is it considered theft of State Property to take rocks from the gravel bar that is in the Sam Baker SP? Any old State Troopers around that will discuss this in depth????

The walk was great, we took the low road compared to the side of that high hill path

yes there is a path right on top of those bluffs.

Anyway I told the Barngoddess that the next time I wanted to visit this gravel bar, we would drive 12 miles north on 143, put in a canoe and float down the Big Creek. Walking through the woods was great relaxation though. I look forward to going back and hiking up to the fire tower. Now when I do that, I will hike up the road that goes to the tower, not the paths that go up and down thru ravines etc.

After our walk, we decided to take that MO SH 143 and see where the put in was for Big Creek and how long it would take to float to Sam Baker. Along the way we found a couple items for the LongRoof and the Jeep and the Bus.
So I present them in no particular order:

Returning to the park, we saw this little deere not ten feet from the road. It just watched as we stopped and shot this pic.

the Barngoddess had me stop to take this picture... not of our cabin, but one you can almost rent..... It was the old two holer down in the woods.

So traveling north on 143, became south on 49 to Piedmont, MO. Home of "whoknowwhat" and a place that sells seasoned firewood. Enroute 49 became 34 and then left on 143 and we were back to our temporary home. Built a fire in the fire place that made the cabin comfy warm and toasty. Had dinner, found an old Reader's Digest condensed book and read the short story "The Property of the Gentleman". Cute little story worth reading if you are sitting in front of a warm fire, with iced to perfection martinis and a good looking chick next to you.

Woke this morning to rain and we decided to head home "Oleragtop" style. Now for those of you that don't follow the Oleragtop, he hardly ever drives a 4 land highway, prefering out of the way 2 lanes that date back to his birth.

Anyway, for those of you who would like to know.......
143 becomes 49, becomes 34, becomes 21, becomes 106, becomes bridge over the Current, becomes bridge over the Jacks Fork, and becomes Eminence MO, becomes 106 still and somewhere we said enough of the 35 mph curves and the ups and downs and ended up on 60 between Winona and Birch Tree. Took the old highway thru Willow, Cabool and Mountain Grove then beat feet for home. The winds had picked up and were gusting enough to make the Little Big Mule blow around on the 4 lane.
572 miles later, (got 17 mpg on this trip) 47 hours later, we are finally home and after putting a sick calf in the stable, inside to warmth and writing stories for others to enjoy.

More later, but this weekend the Barngoddess and I did truly

Celebrate Life.

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