Friday, April 10, 2009

So What we did last night

We did this 4/09/09, but finally getting to post on 4/10/09.

Awe, wonderment, excitement, adventure, screaming and yelling, and the boom of fireworks.

This all spelled what we did 4/09/09 in the Queen City of the Ozarks.

Of course the day went crazy, so arriving home at 5 pm, I mentioned to my Noble Assistant (the Little Princess) that we should go to the ballgame tonight.
Now a kid in a candy store is no match for the NA aka LP when it comes to ball games.

AND TONIGHT is the opening game for the 2009 season of the Springfield Cardinals.

Standing in the living room at 6 pm, with game time of 7:10, and we're 45 minutes from the stadium, can really create havoc when the words "lets go, what are you waiting for, get your cap and coat and we're off" WE were on the road less than 5 minutes later.

Got great seats, 12th roll back from the Cardinal dugout, seats on the aisle. Perfect seats for the game.

Couple pics from our seats. Ready to play ball.

Cards did great and by the top of the 3rd, game was 6 to 2 in favor of the Cards. Then I get a call from Sharks Angel... she stayed home doing homework and guarding the homestead against cattle rustlers. She stated she was in the tornado shelter due to warnings, and tornadoes just north of the farm near Halltown.

funny, no rain here, no lightening, great night for baseball ................... what was that?
a single lightening bolt in the western sky and the sky opened up. Rain came in buckets. We were prepared as we had our golf umbrellas ready and we didn't get wet.

Side note: Ky3 news at 6, 4/10/09, sports section had video of game and we were on it. Standing watching the rain.

WE stayed around watching the tornados on the TV monitors, calling the Bus to find out anymore news, and finally after an hour and a half, of rain, we called it quits and headed home. The NA (aka Little Princess) was getting cold, and to tell the truth this old man was getting cold also.

this morning find out the rain delay was 2 1/2 hours, game getting over at 1 am. Score: 16 Cards, 4 Frisco. What a game......

So $36.00 for tickets, $7.00 to park, $16.00 in drinks, popcorn, and a pretzel, and we came home cold and wet. Priceless to see the Little Princess screeaming when a Card hit a home run for her.

So it's Friday and cold and damp and we are staying home. Tomorrow to be in the 60s, game time is 2:10 pm, and you can bet your sweet britches the Little Princess and the Horsefarmer, along with the Barngoddess1 will be at the ballpark, rooting the Cards along.

What a way to Celebrate Life.

and why there was a delay...

And thats what we did on 4/09/09 in Southwest Mo.

My Noble Assistant was supposed to do this Blog, but she got called home to bath and get a good nights sleep so we can go to the game tomorrow.

Celebrate Life

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