Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I've been busy

Yes to quote "The Bus"

I've been busy.............

this poor old horsefarmer has farming to do this week.........

Had to take the east field and plow it under.....

Yes, more time on the tractor than at work, or in fact sleeping, over this week.

Our east field is full of "bad" fescue. Now for you city dwellers, you would love the fescue grass in our east field. it is a perfect lawn. Lush green, perfect...

unless you have horses... then it is poison.

So this week (between rain storms), the Barngoddess1 and I developed a plan to plow the east field, then disc it smooth, then roll it flat, then seed it with good seed, then roll it flat again, then hope for rain.

Yep, so Monday after work (yes I do have a desk job from 8 to 5), I gets on the good old John Deere and commence to plowing that field. Well we don't have a plow, so I just hooked up my 3 point tiller and off I goes..... and it is dark and I am still "goes". Finally the temp and humidity get to me..... too cold adn damp....
Then Tuesday, after a fun day at work it is back to the field... finish tilling, then hook the disc up and spend another two hours smoothing the field.
Finally just as the sun was setting behind Joplin MO, I hooked up the field roller and spent another hour on it.

Finally quit because . even with a full moon, I couldn't see squat. Parked the tractor in one of the lean toos and walked to the house. Told the Barngoddess1 I had to quit cause I couldn't see (even with a full moon and lights on the tractor).. well you can imagine what color I changed to when she ask "why do you have your sun glasses on??.

So anyway, the Barngoddess1 went to the feed store today, got hte seed, and tonight we finished the east field.

Got lots of bermuda seed, lots of rye and of course a fair share of orchard grass.

All put on the ground, and then added the correct amount of fertilizer, and then back on the Deere to roll the field again. This time I left the sunglasses in the truck and continued post sunset until the field was rolled twice.

NOW .. please join with me and hope that Mother Nature is kind enough to drop some of that rain the "Weather guys and gals" have been saying is coming tomorrow.

I guess if the rain isn't here by 4:30 tomorrow afternoon, I will just ahve to stop off at the golf course.... that will usually get a few drops to fall.

Bus, Jeep and Long Roof, I have been busy.

Where is the proof..... my Noble Assistant was no where to be found... and the camera is probably in the den ......

My nobel assistant has been doing what young girls do best.. babysitting.
Yep she has gone and got a "paying" job, so I only see her once or twice a week.

Guess I wasn't paying enough to keep a good hand.

So if weather cooperates, we should ahve a good field of "horse friendly" grasses in the next month or so.

So enough is enough.... it's 9:32 pm and I'm ready for the hot tub or bed...

either way, I always

CELEBRATE LIFE while loving it up here on the farm.


longrooffan said...

Sounds like fun. At least you didn't have to do it by hand. How did you know that was "bad fescue"? Here's to a bit of rain coming your way and if not, hit them long and hard. longroof

Horse-farmer said...

The hay field in Lawrence County Mo are full of fescue and native grasses that have been around for years.
None of the local fescues are endorphine free, and that makes them "bad fescue"
That's what the Barngoddess1 tells me and she is never wrong........

love to ya