Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rain in Fort Worth = work for me

Yep, it is a beautiful Sunday afternoon, cloudy with a mild breeze and warm.
Yep great day to be inside watching the Texas Race = wrong

Raining in Fort Worth, so the Little Princess and I get to go outside and work... well work for me, I think she was playing too much.

Here's what we were doing:

OK, some of you don't know what happens on a farm, so here is another pic:

of course the Little Princess jumped on that Little Deere and proceeededpt spread that fertilizer all over the fields.

and that my friends is what we do when NASCAR gets rained out, we just head out side and fling sh*t around the fields.

So that is about it, I'm back inside cause I am sore and tired and ready for a nap.

Later all, but most important


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