Saturday, March 20, 2010

9:00 pm and its still coming

Hey Bus,
better get your snow plow out here, our road (the highway, not the driveway) is terrible. Looks worse than some of the Queen City streets.

We have drifts in our driveway over a foot deep.

Hey Longroof and Jeep, took the 4x4 out of the warm garage and drove to the mail box and got the mail.... sound like someone you know? And I laughed when I heard that story!

Here's a couple more pics just taken:

View taken out same sliding door as two in previous post, check out the galvanized bucket in lower left of each photo to check depth of snow as night wears on.

here is view out back door looking at garage entry door. Note depth of snow on roof:

and one more looking north toward the area where the dually is parked (from other pics you get idea) and see the depth of snow on yard ornaments.

and here in the ozarks, we call it SPRING

Enjoy the warmth and

Celebrate Life

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