Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tis Saturday, March Madness Weekend

Yep, it is 3/20/10, TV's Today Show says it is the first day of Spring... I think they are off by two days, Thursday and Friday last, were perfect Spring days, high 60-70, clear skies, nice warm breeze. Perfect Chamber day in the birthplace of Speed.

Ah but today, yes it is March madness.... temp at 9 am is 32 on the back porch... went out to feed this morning and when I got back in, my toes were froze, and my glasses were iced over. Hard north wind blowing, with a misty rain makes everything want to freeze.

So what's to do on a day like this????????????

Well if you viewed my little bigger brother's blog the other day, you would have an inkling as to what I am going to do........ to quote his blog (because I have "brain-freeze" this morning and can't remember how to link it---

Wednesday, March 17, 2010
Now, This olelongrooffan's Version Of WTF?

I don't remember getting all political on By The Numbers previously but, I mean, this is just total out and out rape of all of us taxpaying, yes, unemployed for nearly two years and this olelongrooffan owes $154 to the IRS, citizens.

Yep, while it is either raining 3 inches, or snowing 6 inches - depends on a degree or two in temp,

this Old Horsefarmer is going to be doing his Fed and State Taxes.

and I suppose, like the LongRoof, I will probably end up paying my fair share.

But you must remember, that when you pay your taxes, you are paying this old double dipper his salaries.....
Yep: 21 years and retired from the US Navy Submarine Service (nice monthly check) AND
Yep: Work for the Veteran's Administration Medical Department (nice monthly check)

and YEP: pay my fair share of taxes.

Long roof, don't despair, look at the bright side... if you don't pay your taxes, you can run for political office ( AND WIN because you would then be a CROOK like the rest of them ) and then you can get a big fancy car at all us taxpayers expense.

So time to quit this rambling and get to work...
do Mom's first, as it is easier
then the farm's

Of course I should be like the Gentleman Farmer, and go buy a bottle of Scotch to keep me company while I do these TAX things...... nah, it's raining outside and I would get wet going from truck to store.....

Later all and remember, even in this dreadful weather,

CELEBRATE LIFE to it's fullest.

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