Sunday, March 7, 2010

Saturday turned out GREAT

After a bone chilling start to Saturday, the weather actually cooperated and it turned out to be in the mid 60s, with a warm breeze.

So after my Noble Assistant and I seperated our wood pile ( not the kind you burn, but the kind you build with ), well actually, most of that pile of demension lumber ended up on the burn pile [ unfortunately most of the 2 bys were rotted ), we were however able to save the 6 x 6 posts (some as long as 18 feet) and put them in the hay barn for safe keeping and future use.

So about 3 pm, sun shining and making it a perfect day for cruising the beach, we put the tiller on the tractor and proceeded to get ready for planting....

Yep time to till that garden spot so we can put in peas, green beans, corn, more corn, tomatoes, watermelon, cucumbers (greeaaat pickles), and some cantelope. And whatever else the Barngoddess wants.

Another view (for Long Roof and Jeep = lot easier to till the garden this way than the way you used to do it on the old farm stead at Halltown)

So it is 7 am, 8 am for you easterners, and I am having my coffee in the den this morning. Temp on the back porch shows 52 F, it is cloudy and doesn't really look like rain, but there is a breeze blowing and I don't intend to find out if it is a warm or cold breeze until I finish my java.

So everyone of you all have a good day and remember you will never have another day like today............ yep, you get older every day, so remember to


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Busplunge said...

Be sure to plant that watermelon in the Spring....

I remember out at "The River" the big garden Granny and Man had just across the road from the original "B's Nest".

I google mapped the "B's Nest" and I think I found it, off of Byrnes Mill Road.

Got the 8n all smoothed out and going to get new gas tank tomorrow.