Sunday, March 21, 2010

Just for LongRoof and the Kid

Okay you all down there is sunny land, as Bristol gets ready to run, I thought I would send you some pics of the back yard taken at 1130 3/22/10.

Enjoy viewing them, cause you can't have any of this perfect weather down there, the Bus and I are keeping it up here so we can play in it.

Bus -- why didn't you put the snow plow on?????
and what is that sitting on jacks in your backyard?????

And the race is on -- well this horse isn't racing today, he's still frozen..

and a pic of the farm sign.....

weather actually isn't too bad, temp hovering around 35..... problem!!

we had lots of rain yesterday morning and afternoon, followed by 7-8 inches of snow, coupled with a wind that is perfect for wind sailing, and now the snow is melting, but a crush has formed on the snow, so running water underneath, and crunchy snow on top. perfect snow for snow forts, snowman and snow ball fight....

yeah, I'd rather be in the birthplace of speed warming it up; no way .. especially since you can't drive to your mailbox when the weather is perfect..... yeah,

and you wonder why I'm not out in this perfect weather playing with the little mule?
well the little mule is nice and warm and wants to stay that way.....

and being how there is no mail to pick up today, it will probably stay in that warm condition until tomorrow...

But it's weather like this, and the opportunity to share with my brothers and sisters, that makes me glad that I can


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