Monday, May 25, 2009

Greenfield, MO Buffalo Days Parade

So on 5/23/09 we loaded up the team and stagecoach and headed for Greenfield, MO.
They have a Buffalo Days Parade every May on the town square.
Traveling a short 45 miles from home we found our parking spot and assembled the coach and team for a Saturday morning ride.
Unfortunately, forgot to take pictures of the team in the parade.
Will look to Greenfield's CC web site to see if we appeared.
Anyway here are a few pictures for the Longrooffan to visualize what I was talking about the other night.

Of course, the team behaved well enough that we won the "Judges' Award" trophy.

Getting home that afternoon spent good time doing lots on the farm and ended up at friends home tilling her garden. In return they stopped by today with a garden cake:

Notice the dark rich dirt, rolls of red tomatoes, yellow corn, green beans. Very original and cute.

So the rain continued today and I only got part of the garage straightened out, but enough that I can at least walk around in it. Then to watch the Coca Cola 600 Nascar race, despite several rain delays, there was some good racing. The winner? He's the one that stayed out when everyone else went to the pits, as soon as pit roll was clear, the rains started again and race cars were parked on pit roll. That's how the race ended "00" Aarons automotive car won.

I also got an email from the Jeep, pictures of Daytona Beach race track, which could be called Daytona Lake Boat track from all the water.

Off to Dover next week to see what happens.

Later all.

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good job......seems as if you and yours had a fantastic weekend.....
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