Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's Saturday, Finally it's here...............

Hey it's that great day of the week that I get to sleep in and not be bothered with anything until after 10 am

Yeah, if you believe that, I got a bridge for sale.

So if today is Saturday, then yesterday was Friday, and it is even more fun on Fridays after 4:30 pm (as if there is a 4:30 am = no not in my world) because I get to play golf on Friday after work. So I call the Barngoddess up and ask her if she would like to hit the links with me (she could drive the cart).

So we meet at Honey Creek Golf Course and I play the front nine. Had one heck of a bunker shot again. Ended up a good day, reached greens on 5 holes in regulation, and got par on three of them. What with a couple double boggies and a few boggies I did fairly well. Pin placement was for a tourney they are hosting today, so the pins were in wicked places and hard to play to. But enjoyed it none the less.

Even got the Barngoddess to buy me supper afterwards at a local cafe. Not bad food.

I have always been intrigued by an automobile that was around in the 50s and early 60s = Hillman Minx. The Gentleman Farmer had one and it got creamed by a semi on Gravios Road in StL (mechanic parked it and forgot the emergency brake, rolled out in front of semi). Anyway, the car has an appeal similar to my craving for early Broncos.

Last night I bring up a blog I frequent daily
and find a post on a bunch of old cars in Waukesha, Wisconsin. A bunch of triumphs, but wait...... is that a Hillman Minx I just saw?????

Seems there are 5 or 6 of the 4 door sedans in this group. But what even got me more excited is the 52 Hillman Estate. Go to the web site, view the slide show and it is the rusty red one that looks like a MINI Expedition. Yeah, a MINI ... fit right in here on the farm.

Getting back to what I started, I ended up at 2:30 am this morning finally saying I quit, I had been looking for a 4-5 car hauler that I could rent and go bring 4 or 5 of those Minxs home. But no sweat, I can sleep in... yeah.......

So this morning at 7:15 AM (yes that hour does come on a Saturday morning), my eyeballs fail open and I can't sleep anymore. The barngoddess rolls over and after spooning for awhile (if you don't know what spooning is = go watch MASH and ask Col. Potter what it is) I tell her that we ought to get up and go rebuild her newest purchase. I just happen to have some new lumber that will do the job.

Now I am not a person who does well without a couple cups of coffee, but at 8:00 this morning, before I had finished my first cup of coffee, I was measuring and marking boards and getting ready to cut away.

Thanks to the Gentleman Farmer (table saw and belt sander) and Mom (band saw), by 9:15 I had all the lumber cut and sanded, and the Barngoddess stained it.
This afternoon she (along with Steph) put a coat of polyurethane on those boards and if you really want to see what her new purchase looks like = compare the two pics


and the new box - some assembly required.. Notice the Barngoddess is not doing the work, Steph (our daughter = Sharks Angel) is polyurethaning, with the Barngoddess being the tough super.... notice no smile!!!! Thats cause she ain't doing it herself and she wants to.... LOL She is playing the supervisors role to the tee...

somemore of the wood pieces

If you look closely, you'll see all the little pieces that are needed.

While the Barngoddess was finishing staining and using the polyurethane, I got my trusty sand blaster out and in no time had the metal framework ready for the paint.
So we now have painted parts on the big flatbed trailer in the haybarn, waiting for the paint to dry, all kinds of wood waiting for the urethane to dry......
and yep, tomorrow will be "some assembly required" day.

I do enjoy building these wagons, and in the past have been party to putting some really neat wagons on the road.

Here is one I really enjoyed driving, but the tornado wrecked it.

of course here is our Springfield wagon - 1/2 scale and harder to build than a full size wagon

that converts to a jail for worms at the Apple Fest Parade

and of course our training wagon:

Even made a couple that have been shipped Yellow Freight: one to Las Vegas, one to Texas.

Not bragging, just enjoy building wagons that we can use. Funny, the Gentleman Farmer and I used to get in some heated discussions when he had me build something. He could see what he wanted, but couldn't relay to me what he wanted. Then when I finally got the end product in my head, we used to argue about how to get to the end. I would build one way, he another. Today, I could see what I wanted, but couldn't explain to daughter what I wanted. Laughed a lot bringing back those memories of Dad.

Anyway, I would say I am off to Wisconsin land to:
1. look at a 1947 jeep cj2a good for parts in Rockford ILL to store on the farm incase the Jeep or his kid need parts,
2. check out a bunch of Hillman Minx 4 door sedans (and one Estate wagon),
but sure as I did, just like the pictures in Florida, someone would race up there and .......... oh I won't go down that steet again.....

I do think that 52 Hillman Estate wagon would look awful good here on the farm.
A MINI Estate Wagon to go with all our other MINI things.

So that is what we did on the last Saturday of May (Granny Bansbach's birthday) in the year 2009. and the whole time we sure did


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