Friday, May 22, 2009

Tis the Season

The weather has been good, the horses better, and everyone around here working to the final goal.

Oh yes, it is the season to Celebrate Life and enjoy it to the fullest.

So while the Long Roof and the Jeep were beaching it, and the Bus was rocking it, our own Sharks angel was busy doing what she likes to do (yeah).

But weeding the onions is something I don't do. I figure if you don't eat onions, then you shouldn't have to weed the three rows that are planted.

Now the corn, pea and green bean rows, well I run the mini tiller between them.

Yes we have miniature horses, miniature cows, little chickens, miniature Broncos, and a miniature garden tiller. What else would you expect??

So while SA was weeding, my Noble Assistant and I fixed up a training wagon for the Barngoddess to use in getting the team ready for the season of parades, shows, events, etc.

Hooked up the team and away she went. Here are a couple to show how well she does.

Now Barngoddess is driving Sugar (mare) and Dandy (Sugar's son).

So in typical fashion, woman driver, woman in the wheel position on team, her son following what mom says, do you think they could keep the wagon on the mowed path around my prime hay field?????


No way, and here's a pic to show how well those women kept to the path.........
And to #10, there ain't no blondes up here, so it has to be a woman thing....LOL...


I also got the chance to drive and enjoy it to no end.

In all fairness, Sharks angel drove the team yesterday evening before I got home and did a good job. So next to train on driving is my Noble Assistant the Little Princess.

Nah, she can do the halter and showmanship thing, I'll keep to the driving.

So that is how our week has been going.

Saturday morning is the Buffalo Chip Days parade in Greenfield, MO. and the stage coach and 4 up, along with the Little Princess and Fabio (her little white gelding) are going to be there.

and we will be Celebrating Life as we hope you do this weekend.

The T&V weather guys are calling for that rain in Florida, around the Tampa area, to head up this way and impact us on Saturday night and the rest of next week. Thanks to BBB for sharing the rain with us. So enjoy while you can.



Horse-farmer said...

Boy am I ever asleep at the wheel, the two horses are Carlos (smaller of the two) and CD (his son). So the two boys are taking the Barngoddess on a meandering trip.
OH well, at least they aren't blonde.

longrooffan said...

As if we would have known...dang good looking 2in1 team you got there. I fondly remember working on that same patch last summer and shoveling some of that gamey material into that garden. Like the fact thehorsefarmer won't till anything he won't eat. Only wish our Mom and let me play that out on the Halltown Haven Lee Farm. thebarngoddess, with the ever present smile on her face, looks as if she is having a blast!! Have fun throwing those Buffalo Chips tomorrow. Blog some pics, please. johnjohn

Oh, and by the way, you are welcome to any of the 32+ inches of rain we have gotten since overnite Sunday. Just bring a water wagon and a pump, there is plenty to go around. Well, at least for now. Don't remind me of this statement next December.

d5thouta5 said...

sounds like life on the farm is pretty laid back.....
what a way to...
your bride looks like she is having a blast working that for the onions....
I'm with you on that one....

CELEBRATE LIFE............