Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Horse Show

My last post I was tired and didn't want to share the Horse Show with you because I knew that I would short change the blog on the show and not give the Little Princess full due.

So tonight is Wednesday, I have just spent the last 3 hours trying to get the lights hooked up on the stagecoach trailer to horse trailer connection. After countless pinched fingers, several words not repeatable here, we came to the conclusion that the reason the left stagecoach trailer light doesn't work is: the danged light is broke and needs replacing. That was enough to say I quit and come in and write about a horse show.

Last Saturday we spent roaming around St Louis, the Arch, Forest Park, The Hill, Our Lady of the Snows, and finally the arena where the show was being held.

We were accompanying some good friends of ours who also have kids, and the Little Princess was to show a couple of their horses. But I get ahead of myself.

One has a 4 year old girl, the other a teenager. Now the teenager has the distinction of being the 2009 American Miniature Horse Registry National Queen. Quite an honor considering how many teenagers are into showing minis.

So the show bill was something like this:
AMHR Youth Halter Gelding - 7 and under -over
AMHR Youth Halter Gelding - 8 to 12 - over
AMHR Youth Halter Gelding - 13 to 17 - over

Brit, the adorable 4 year old shows first, a blue and a red

JC shows immediately following, a red and yellow
better pic shows JC practicing

and coming out of the ring after judging was completed.

the Queen shows last. all blues forgot to get a picture of her,

Now Blue is 1st place, Red second, Yellow third.
Two judges were evaluating, so each gave a place, hence the two ribbons.
What amazes me is this is JC's first ever show.

So after lunch we got into the second round of classes, and this is the tough enough class - Showmanship

AMHR Youth Showmanship M/G - 7 and under
AMHR Youth Showmanship M/G - 8 to 12
AMHR Youth Showmanship M/G - 13 to 17

Now Showmanship is different than Halter in that the contestants must wear Hat and gloves, and instead of just walking in, trotting and setting their horse - they have to do lots more.
Walk in and position their horse. When called, walk halfway to Judges, stop, then turn your horse in a full circle, stop, then proceed to the Judge. Set your horse again, and the Judge walks around your horse. During this, you must ensure you don't block the Judges view of the horse and yet stay facing the Judge. When the judge is finished, you trot your horse to the starting point. Turn around in the opposite way you did at halfway point, and the position your horse.

Too much remembering for this old man. I'll just drive the team.

Anyway, all three classes, and with same people, but a different horse.

Brit came away with I don't remember:

JC came away with two reds - and her first time in Showmanship pretty danged good.
Here she is entering the show ring.

And the Queen took all blues.

Later, the girls did their thing in driving classes, but alas we wanted to check out a camper over in High Ridge MO, so we departed early.

Anyway, the Little Princess (aka JC, My Noble Assistant) did a superb job in her first show.

Now on to Luck J Arena, Carthage MO for a show the weekend of June 13-14

JC will be showing her horse (Fabio) and I will be driving the team in costume.

But more on that later.

I asked JC on the way home how she felt when showing - scared, happy, and nervous all rolled into one.

Anyway, she has her first show under her belt, and it is time to move onward showing her horse.

Now her mom has also expressed a desire to return to the show ring. Maybe I'll just sit on the sidelines and watch all the women perform? Nah. I love to drive the four up and can't wait till 5/23 when we put our hitch in the Greenfield MO annual parade.

Greenfield is north of Mt Vernon MO about 20 miles, parade line up is 1030 am, so I imagine parade will begin around 11 am. Come and watch, look us up and say howdy.

Again, congrats to the Little Princess for her wonderfull 1st ever miniature horse show. and guys, better watch out, this old grandpa is........ awh sucks, never mind.

hope you enjoy the time you spend with your grand children as much as I enjoy the time I spend with mine. Shawn and Travis had better watch out, the old man may appear at any time, at any swim meet.

And in doing all this, we

Celebrate Life to the fullest

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Congradulations to the child in you....and the Princess too.....
GOOD JOB KID.....wonderful job on your first outing....sounds like you are having a blast, and allowing others to enjoy the time spent with you.....this is why we..