Monday, May 11, 2009

Where are they???

Isn't it peaceful living in the country? No wild screaming radios, no blarring TVs, just the dogs barking at the cats, cows brawling for more feed, horses nickering at each other, coyotes howling, and the occasional train in the distance.

Yes it is great living in the country.

So what do we do for recreation? We head this way and that. And this past weekend was just one of those weekends that we headed that way.
Now the Bus was at the lake, the Jeep and Long Roof at the Taj Mahal, who knows where BBB was (poolside we imagine). So the Barngoddess and I, along with the Little Princess headed out to enjoy a weekend away from all that noise that farm life creates.
The Barngoddess had the truck packed ready to go, waiting for me to arrive home, so we could pedal to the metal and head out.
Alas a phone call came and went something like this:
Horsefarmer (HF): Hey honey, can you grab a couple wrenches and head up just past Honey Creek on K Hwy.
Barngoddess (BG): Why
HF: My little bronc threw a u-joint and drive shaft is hanging down.
BG: Do you want the trailer?
HF: Nope.
So the barngoddess arrives and I take the rear driveshaft off, Sorry no pictures.. and put the Bronc in 4 wheel drive (really 2 wheel front drive) and drive it home.
Needless to say while waiting for the Barngoddess to arrive, I got the Jeep on the phone and chewed him out for not being anywhere nearby so he could help me.
Anyway instead of heading out at 4:30 pm. we finally got away around 6 pm.
First stop was 110 milemarker of I44 where we found this:

There is a rest area that the State redid and used the Rte 66 theme. All the cabannas were themed after some building on the Mother Road. Really did a great job and as usual forgot the camera until we were heading back onto the highway when we got this shot.
So we continued on and spent the night in a good ole Catholic Hotel. We stayed at the "Our Lady of the Snows" just southeast of St Louis.
Saturday morning was here too soon and we found ourselves heading downtown.
Good photo here

and here

Inside was just as much fun as we traveled to the top, some 630 feet off the ground.

After the trip to the top we went thru the Museum, but that will be another blog.

We traveled over to a place I know rather well.... if you go to STL, you had better go here to eat.

Ever played Bocce? Pronounced Bow-che.
The Hill is the place to eat. Located southwest side of I44 and Kingshighway, it has some of the best places to eat and drink. Our favorite is Milo's.

A couple more shots of the trip include a place familiar to our family was youngsters. I talked to the Bus about it, and he said he probably couldn't find it. Well, we found it, only to dicover a problem. Take a look and decide if you can readily figure out what the problem might be.

Can't really tell, how about this one to help your decision making ability

That is the Big River way above flood stage. In fact the water was at the fence behind this cabin... the Original BEE's Nest.

So the real reason we were in STL area was a miniature horse show over on the Illinois side just around the corner from Our Lady of Snows Shrine.

I'll post more on it later, about ready to fall asleep here and want to finish the raod trip.

On the way home, we stopped here

I'll post more later on two of the adventures of this trip:

The interactive museum under the Arch; and

The Miniature Horse Show that the Little Princess performed in.

so anticipate more later.

a tired Horsefarmer.

ps: 610 miles
1 trooper (flashed his lights at me, then waved)
0 wrecks
too much fuel
12 pack Coors Light (had to hide cause we were in Bud country)
tons of fun..


Busplunge said...

the original B's Nest----

Dang, it's a house now!

Where's the cow pasture? I don't remember a door on teh road side.

Surely there are some old pictures of hte place around somewhere....


Horse-farmer said...

There was always a front door, just blocked off and not used.
Back section was a screened in porch that contained the kitchen.
Cow pasture is behind the trucks and cars to left of picture, and was under water.
Couldn't tell if Privy was still there.
Wish I had a picture or two from those days. The lawn is now a gravel parking lot.

d5thouta5 said...

all of this....and the memories that go with them, allow us
ALL to.......


wonder where the old Tonka trucks are now..???