Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So when was it taken

If you drift over to my brothers blog, you notice a recent post wherein he describes the photos taken at our Great Grandpa's grave site over in Kentucky in a State Park.

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Anyway that picture of the Horsefarmer, the OleLongRooffan and the Jeepjunkie, had the date of July 1969 on the back of it.

Now I know that I have been getting older and older, and sometimes it seems that I might surpass the Bus on who is getting the oldest and wornoutmostest, but I think this photo has the wrong date on the back.

I joined the Navy on 3 March 1969 in St Louis and immediately took the train to Bootcamp at Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, ILL.
I transferred from RTC to Naval School of Health Sciences, Naval Hospital San Diego, CA sometime in May 1969. I was at San Diego until the end of September 1969, when I had the pleasure of spending 4 weeks at the Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, CA learning how to be a combat medic for the Marine Corps. I left CamPen and headed to Millington TN at the end of October 1969.

So no way could this photo have been taken in July 1969.

I am under the impression it would have been taken while I was a student at St. Vincent's College (the Vincentian high school seminary in Cape Girardeau, Missouri), sometime between 1964 and 1966. The Gentleman Farmer, Editor of The Mirror, would travel to Cape and visit his son. I would venture that younger OleLongRoofFan and the even younger Jeepjunkie traveled with the Gentleman Farmer to visit this poor soul.

A quick day trip from the Cape (the seminary was situated on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River at the junction of the now old highway bridge) down the ILL side and bingo we were there.

Looking at the length of my pants (true highwater affairs) and the stance of the Jeep, makes this in 1965 plausable. Also I would be a new Navy recruit, and in those days it was shaved head in bootcamp and Hospital Corps School, and Marine Corps haircut at CamPen; and in this pic I have hair (actually more than I have now)

I just wonder, as the Bus suggested, if we could recover that stone and take it to the homestead of the Ole Long Roof Fan in the birthplace of speed for him to take care of? After he is the namesake of our Great Grand Father. The Long Roof could store it in his ole long roof wagon when it wasn't on display in his front yard next to the hurrican tie down tree.

Sitting here I can't help but ponder

SO WHEN WAS IT TAKEN and in doing so


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d5thouta5 said...

Well now....throw down a challenge if you must...it would appear that this photo was taken in the fall or early winter...note the absence of leaves on the background trees..
as in 1966 I would have been 6 yrs of age, and much too young to venture this far from home without maternal protection, and OBVIOUSLY I am TOO much of a man in this photo, then it couldn't have been taken in 1966...it seems that this photo was taken in late 1969....since the longrooffan is wearing an oxford shirt..(he has always worn such)...but I am in jeans and a short sleeve shirt...an oxford at that....but....and the big thing here is the butt...in late 1969....December to be exact...the gentlemanfarmer moved his family to Haven Lee Farms in Halltown MO....it is possible that this photo was taken in Sept-Oct 1969....it was still cool enough for us to wear short sleeved shirts in Kentucky and the while your hair would have been 'high and tight' at induction into the USN, 3 months later it would have had a chance to grow out a little and still be 'tight'....remember you were a medic tech....you guys got a lot of slack....but then again I could be wrong....
of course this allows me to