Thursday, March 26, 2009

3/26/08 flash to 3/26/09

3/26/08 enroute to work, the Bus called me to say that our Mom had gone "to dance with the fishes" or words similiar to that.

flash forward to

3/26/09: I just happened to look at my Horoscope for today (actually we call it Horrorscope)

ironically this was after I sent an email to my brothers reminding them of today.

My horoscope: Gemini (May 21-June 21). What would your mom do in this situation? It might not be the best answer , but it leads you to think about your problem

I spent an hour and a half in a meeting with David Rauch, District Director for Senator Claire McCaskill this afternoon. A couple times I bit my tongue to keep from firing off a sarcastic remark to an attendee or two at this meeting. In retrospect, Mom would have said, let them have their say and when they quit bitching, put the facts on the table.

So thanks Mom for thinking of me today. I have done the same of you over the past few days.

Tonight I wonder why I didn't go to Mom and Dad's gravesite, putting flowers there in memory. The answer although long and complex is really very simple.

Celebrate Life and live it to it's fullest. By doing this I am living to the standards that Mom and Dad set for me long ago.

And a classic from the Gentleman Farmer still rings in my ears:

"Illegitum non-carborendum"

Latin for "Don't let the bastards get you down" or words to that effect.

And this allows me to

Celebrate Life to it's fullest.


Busplunge said...

"She sleeps with the fishes, my friend, she sleeps with the fishes," is what I said to you.

I didn't visit their gravesite today for "6" reasons.

Some of us thought it was more important to treat Mom and her caregivers with kindness and compassion will she was still living.

That is what gives Mom her immortality.

Celebrate Life!

Lil Jim said...

Lucas Brasi...Glad you're well Uncle Tom...

d5thouta5 said...

Glad you didn't put flowers on the site. Mother told me years ago she didn't like cut flowers. "Edward", she said,"they just die in two or three days. Get me a plant that I can nurture and it will grow so that I can enjoy it." Never sent Mother a flower agian after that. Bought a bunch of Wickman garden gift cards though.
Besides, Mom and Dad live it each and everyone of us. Look to your children to see your parents.

"carpe diem"

enjoy it as if tomorrow is today...