Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cold and wet weather here

Well it is Saturday and had tons of plans for outside work, but weather has decided to teach me a lesson. Snow and more snow and cold blowing wind.

Spent afternoon working on My Bronc getting it back together so I can drive in rain and not get wet. Fix dash lights, stuff like that.

Did find a couple camp vehicles I wouldn't mind having:




longrooffan said...

horsefarmer: I don't know what that big *ss truck is but I would love the green Westfalia just to the left of it in that second image of that truck.

And the tow vehicle in that first image in this series. It is a Tatra, as identified by the longroooffan at the end of this post.


Horse-farmer said...

That other motor vehicle is a right hand drive, thinking it came from Australia, or some other place.

Looks good and wouldn't mind investigating it further, but alas, too late at night.