Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh it is nice

to have an assistant who is small enough to get into those tight spots, and agile enough to slide under, around, and over parts to get those bolts undone.

Arriving at home around 5 this afternoon, I was delighted by a garden well into the planting stages (more about that later) and my handy assistant ready to get to work on Her Bronc.

Now we are almost finished with putting the floor mats in and only thing left is to put the heater back in, pull the back seat and seat belts and lay the back section of mating, then put the seat back in.

So while Sharks Angel and I put the heater back in, and then I went to change clothes so not to soil my work clothes [ kind of like the Gentleman Farmer mowing a hay field in shirt and tie one day at the original Haven Lee Farm = I'm going to have to find that picture one of these days ],
ps. My assistant just told me that all I ever do is look for pictures.

So anyway, I change into grub clothes for under Her Bronc work and return to the "Haven Lee's Repair Shop" to find my worthy assistant under Her Bronc doing what I was going to do. Bravo for her.

here's another view to show what she was really doing:

OleLongRoof, J wants you to notice she is in perfect "Uncle JOHN-JOHN" attire, SHORTS.

Temp was 72 when I got home, so the garden was planted in bare feet and shorts.

Here we are working with the door open, boy do I love working on old trucks when the temp is agreable to this old body.

if you look closely, you'll see my assistant still working under Her Bronc.

Now to set the record straight:
Her Bronc refers to the white 1966 Bronco Wagon (Long Roof, fully enclosed)[# 6,056 made by Ford in 1966) that the Barngoddess bought for me for Christmas, but that she decided she wanted after all.

My Bronc refers to the teal 1966 Bronco Roadster (open body)#21,814 made in 1966, that I bought for the Barngoddess for Christmas that she decided she didn't want and gave to me for New Years.

The sagas of the Broncos. One other item of note, we had to put one of our real Broncos up in a seperate field on Saturday afternoon, because he was chasing the cows. A naughty naughty thing to do on this farm.

So Haven Lee's Ice Storm got put up by himself until he meets the nice Vet with the knife, and our Bronco Storm becomes a Neutral Storm.

So my worthy assistant, the Little Princess, is to inherit My Bronc when I give it up and get an older Bronc. But that won't be for another 6 years, has to learn how to drive a 3 speed on the floor first. Explained to her it is a lot different that driving her IH Super C, but it will come in time.

So that's what we did today to


This blog was approved by my worthy assistant. Any misspelled words, out of text punctuation, not making sense sentences, well, too bad, we had fun writing

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Angel said...

At what point did I get replaced as your assistant....and does that mean my pay will get cut to???? Man, take away a girls title and all the world is coming to a halt.