Sunday, March 15, 2009


So looking forward to the weekend and time to spend working (playing) around the ole homestead.

Fields to disc and get ready for seeding.
Garden to till again, it's almost time for carrots and onions.
New full floor mat to install in Her Bronc.
Just have fun reading blogs.

Started discing the field where that dozer cleared the tornado debris.
One of the Barngoddess's horses started chasing the cows, so got side tracked.
Hooked the tiller up to the big deere and tilled the garden again.
and went to work getting Her Bronc ready to put the floor mats in.

Saturday after lunch, started on a three hour project. Quit last night around 8 pm taking longer than thought. Lots of holes to fill in or cover up so rain doesn't get under that new floor mat.
So to do the job right, we pulled all the seats, pulled the tranny shifter, pulled the heater, pulled the emergency brake bracket... get the point.

Went at it again today and at 5 finally had the mat in place. Now to re-install what we de-installed yesterday. Will soon have it complete and ......
will look for something else to do... NAH, it's garden time and evenings will be spent using my little tiller to get between the rows.

Few pics of work in progress...........

So now is time to sit on front porch and watch all the cars go by.. and of course

Celebrate Life

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