Saturday, March 28, 2009

What a wild week

Ok, so I have been overdoing it a bit and ended up on a treadmill to make sure my old ticker is still in good running order. After all, I can't let the Bus get ahead of me in ailments. Better yet, have a run for it Bus.

So while I was off doing other things this week, the Barngoddess was again trying to stir up the local economy by helping out our friendly bulldozer operator. Seems he was contracted to clear an area by the new highschool, and found a few hog feeders. Well he calls the Barngoddess, and sooner than later we have three new additions to our farm.

She gets off rather easy on paying 2/10 of the going price for these feeders.

Pride of the Farm, 12 hole hog feeders, in really good shape, only one is missing the cover. Two are 80 bushel and one is 60 bushel. Now I know that doesn't mean much to most of you, but it means you don't have to fill it as often.

So we have pig feeders, 3 to be exact... and wouldn't you know it, we sent our last hog to the butcher this past Monday. Sharks angel and a male friend, took the pig in his truck and trailer with our stock racks to Carthage.

Alas I got a phone call at work that his Explorer (exploder) lost the transmission on I44 at the 22.4 mile marker, returning from the delivery.
So the Barngoddess is off with my noble assistant in the Taurus to rescue the two of them. I take off early, head home and get the trailer and head for the 22.4 milemarker. Long story short, we got the Exploder on the trailer, Taurus hooked to the little trailer and we made our voyage to his place, unloading and reloading, and headed home.

So the last pig is at the butcher, and the Barngoddess now owns 3, count em, 3, 12 space hog feeders. Does this mean I will have to build a hog lot so we can become a hog feeder operation? Watch out DNR, the Barngoddess is not to be messed with, and only time will tell.

I was supposed to investigate the feeders and determine a price (seems we already have potential buyers wanting to know how much? and condition? Well rain this week kept me from my appointed duties.

Today was the day to grab my noble assistant (check out her shirt):

and investigate their usage. But the wind and rain made us hunker down in the "Bronco Garage" and work on My Bronc.
Oh did I mention, Her Bronc is at the local auto body shop getting laser'd? The doors just wouldn't cooperate in closing and latching, so to the Marionville Auto body shop she went. The previous owners welded body panels and door sills in the wrong place. So they are going to measure the door posts with their new laser machine and make new door posts so the doors will close "every time". Supporting the local economy every chance we get.

So my noble assistant and I got My Bronc put back together. Making it more weather tight that it was, hooking up lights to the dash so I can see at night, little things like that.

She even got off a couple photogs while I was working to show that I do, every once in awhile, work.

She even got a photog of the finished floor board that we somehow managed to seal up all the cracks and holes.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, we had our Amish friends over for dinner Friday night, and in the process got all the horses feet trimmed up nicely, and had a good visit nontheless. Always relaxing to visit with Eli and Edna. Same age as Barngoddess and I, and although totally different lifestyles, we enjoy each others company.

So the snow is on the ground, the wind is howling, we got My Bronc ready for the road again, and Her Bronc will soon be zipping all over the county, found us a replacement vacation vehicle, read some good info over the internet, and basically

Celebrated Life today.

Love to Mary and Carol, my younger sisters, thanks for the support from them over the past year. and to the baby, Joan. Keeper of the Haven Lee Farm, NW Florida division.

Love to all.


d5thouta5 said...

Good blog TC.....oh, on that photo of you working....why were your eyes closed..????...

Anonymous said...

Unle Ed, He did not have his eyes closed he just kept snoring.

Little Princess

Later dudes