Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tax Time...................

Ok so the good ole US of A makes us poor folks pay taxes every year.
Paid Mom's last year and will pay her's again this year. But good news is that the Barngoddess1 has been shopping again.
She got a dividend check from the company we have our Farm mortgage through, and a change in her life insurance resulted in another healthy check.

So after the bulldozer made a big improvement out back, there is still much to do to prepare the ground for seeding.

A garden rake and a strong back and it might be done by Christmas 2015.

So with the garden getting ready to be planted, and other assorted chores.. getting her Bronc on the road,

she went out and bought me a disc. Not a music disc, but a good ole farm disc.

All I have to do is go pick it up. Now the one I thought she bought was in Knoxville TN. Boy am I glad that wasn't the case.... she found one over in Pierce City MO, home of Tornado alley 2003. Well after that tornado, there wasn't anything to downtown Pierce City. But they rebuilt and there is a great farm implement dealer just east of town on 37 Highway.

So tomorrow after I leave the great hallowed halls of the Veteran's Medical Clinic in Mt Vernon, MO, I get to make a mad dash to Pierce City to bring home my new disc.

Anyone need a new yard this year, this disc will have it ready in two swipes. Of course 14 of your neighbors will need a new yard too... takes that much to turn it around.

Of course it wouldn't compare to BBB having a riding lawn mower to mow his yard and his neighbors and their neighbors (turn around space again).

Ah, nice to have dividends and insurance refunds this year.

Now just have to get another exhaust manifold for the big Deere. I leaned against the muffler the other day and broke the manifold off again.

At least I now know how to replace it in under 30 minutes compared to last time taking 4 hours.

So the weather is dropping from 70s to low 30s tonight, wind is blowing so much if I went outside I wouldn't have to take a bath for a week, the wind would blow the stink off youalls...

Never a bad day on the farm, knowing the garden will soon be planted and the fruits of our labor in the freezer ......
cantelope in December is always great, in January and February is even better.

Celebrate Life

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Nice Disc horsefarmer.