Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring is in the air

SPRING that time of year a farmer looks on his garden spot with pride.

SPRING that time of year a farmer hooks up the tiller and has a good time

SPRING that time of year a farmer says things under his breath after a wrench slips and he hits his hand on the piece of equipment he is trying to take off the tractor.

AH YES SPRING..... gotta love this time of year.

Plowing gardens.........

Today was in 70s, light wind out of the west, southwest, south, south east, and now east. Blowing about 15 mph to keep a farmer cool while he works away.

Jeep, check out the brush pile in the background, ready for the long guns.

and that pile came from here. Remember last time you were here, lots of tornado damaged trees and brush behind this paddock, 8 hours of bulldozing and it is done.

Went out into that big back field today and tilled up two areas where we had burned brush before. Barngoddess found the grass seed and now we wait for a gentle rain to soak those seeds into the ground.

Had a good day, started putting in the new floor mat in My Bronc, hands got to hurting too much... something about me and Mr. Ritis, first name of Arth, in the old hands, so can't do as much as I used to. But, hey, it's more fun to do it slow and take my time enjoying and

CELEBRATE LIFE along the way.

Tonight blogging and hunting for a 10 foot pull type disc so I can finish smoothing off what the dozer did.

In my last blog I tried to stump the OleRagTop by posting cars that I knew he had seen on his adventures. Only took him 12 hours to get the location correct.
I think he puts his pictures and blogs in a data base so all he has to do is type a key word and up pops the location.

Good job on Russellville, but where is the other location. Hint, closer to you than to me.....

Bus totally forgot today was parade....... hope the couch potatoes took the green beer trophy home again. OK IS IT NEXT WEEKEND?


longrooffan said...

Hey horsefarmer, Glad the weather is turning but I'll bet there is another cold spell or two before you all are burning up, up there in the Ozarks.

With reference to your trying to stump me, the only reason I remember Jerry's Auto Sales is that, what is actually a, Bentley and the hole in the fender reminding me of your Big Mule.

With regards to that other location, I am stumped on that one.

Your Haven Lee Farm looks great, by the way!!

My verification word...imallova... seems appropriate these days.

Horse-farmer said...

I'm surprised you didn't make a comment about how I am always running into things because I am looking the wrong way when I am driving.......
see you later alligator......

word: sunshob

Busplunge said...

parade is next weekend