Thursday, March 5, 2009

Just a little car tripping

My brother is great at blogging about cars..... no special kinds... just all kinds of cars. His posts almost always include a car of somekind.

See him over at and follow his adventures.

So I was cruising down the blogspot highway and came across a spot that has a Sunbeam for sale. You can find it at It looks pretty good except the motor problem, but he is throwing up a new motor so isn't too bad.

So I got to thinking about a trip the Barngoddess and I made not too long ago. Just a roaring down the highway in our Big Little Mule with not much to do except burn up some of that old diesel fuel that was in the tank so I could get new cheaper fuel. If that makes sense, I'm in trouble.
Anyway we came across a few cars that made us come to a screeching stop and pull out the ole camera and shoot away.

So Ole rag top, Bus and the Jeep, and anyone else reading this blog, here is a car tribute to you.

My favorite 5th car would be a 1958 Chevy 4 door. We had one, but I never got to drive it, BBB and the Bus were always 1st dibs on it. Ours was all white, don't remember the interior color, but I like these shades of gray better.

My favorite 4th car would have to be a 64 corvair convertible, red with white roof and interior, 4 speed on the floor. Of course I would have to hire a full time mechanic to keep those twin carbs in tune. I had a small mishap with ours one night, and never lived it down. But found this one that is really close to our old one.

and another shot of that pretty little rag top:

On to what I would like to tackle as a project, putting in power steering, nice little Cleveland 350, C-6 auto, and 4 wheel drive (dreaming counts) and have my own little long roof to visit the original Long Roof Fan in.... 59 ford if I'm correct?

Now I never was a fan of the TBird to the left of that long roof, 66 to 68 I think. Like the little birds better. Oh well I falter on my endeavor. So onward......

Saw this 58 Chevy long panel almost missing it for the fishing gear stacked around it. Would take a lot of work, but the Long Roof Fan could move to MO and help me with it. "You won't???" Oh well forget it, but enjoy the view.

So we soon came to Paul's place and found a ton of fun, I think this is a chevy, 32-33 maybe, hell it could be a 38 and I wouldn't know the difference. but it is a cool little truckster, and heck 33 chevy 1/2 ton sounds pretty good to me!!!!!!!!!!

Paul also had this coupe that was being rebuilt, had a pretty good paint job on it, pretty good is BS, had one heck of a great paint job. Don't ask me the year, but I think this is a Dodge, but could be wrong. The Sunbeam in the background is the one I thought about when I read the bog that started this little trip down memory lane.

The coupe is set up with dual exhausts down the running boards, interior is done and it is a rat rod soon to be. Got to look at the motor inside the shop, "BIGGEST Motor than I've seen except in dragsters. Didn't ask what size, cause they would have given me a sign and said "BIG"

Also got to see the trailer soon to be that the coupe will pull. Going to be set up as a sleeper so the guy says. Cool doner car was what I thought.

Paul's also had this. As a Ford man, I had to get in a ford, 40 something, turning out to be a nice ratrod also.

I found my favorite 3rd car. I have always liked this style pontiac, probably something to do with my childhood and matchbox cars and spoons and a big tree on St Charles Place where we had all kinds of roads made. Now that pontiac is no more, this car will soon become more valuable. Also in the background is a Volvo, same year as a fellow high schooler owned. I also like the 58 Ford f200 back there in the background. Any takers on the rest of the cars????

Now blogging about cars takes forever, downloading all these pictures takes at least three G&Ts and I'm getting tired. After all it is almost bed time up here on the farm, but one more little beauty to rest your eyes on......

don't know year, but know it is a Silver Cloud and is all original, and not within my budget.

So there you have it. A post by the Horse Farmer that doesn't mention:

Horses, Cows, Pigs, Dogs, Chickens, Ole Broncos, Barns, Bulldozers, piles of brush, Gravel, big rocks, a full pond........

So I mentioned them aready..........
So cows went to butcher yesterday, ten tons of manure in trailer afterwards.
Bulldozer on property clearing tornado damage and making a bigger pile as a backdrop for the Kid and the Jeep and Little Princess to shoot their long guns into.
Calves that are mixed in with horses, and as such think they are little horses too.
Her Bronco down at the "Compound" where Jeremy is going to fix the tranny..

Oh life on the farm, makes me just enjoy and


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longrooffan said...

1958 Pontiac
1937 Buick
Volvo "Whaleback"
1950 Oldsmobile
"Pontoon" Mercedes
1957 Ford Pickup
Mid 60's Chevy Pickup
80's era Ford "Flatfront" Rolloff
some indeterminable tricycle tractor.

horsefarmer, you are getting rusty, check out my blog.