Sunday, March 22, 2009

4 wheeling in Marionville MO

When you consider what is 4 wheeling, you have to go to my brother's blog from down in the Sunshine State.

4 wheeling Florida style

He talks about 4 wheeling and mud pits and water and breaking jeeps.

Now here at the Haven Lee Farm we have our own style of 4 wheeling in Her Bronc...

First is the Barngoddess's idea of 4 wheeling:

Second is the Little Princess's idea of 4 wheeling:

Third is Her Bronc after the Horsefarmer took it for a run around the pond, see the mud, mud is good, see me wash Her Bronc to get the mud off it.... NAH...

So Her Bronc is up and running, and quite well I might add.
Tommorrow is inspection day, and registration time. Yeah, more taxes to pay...

Now we have a few parts left over that are going on Craig's List, or ebay, depending on what the Oleragtop is doing later this week.

So that is what we do on a warm sunny afternoon at the Farm.
Oh yeah, Little Princess got a snap of what else I got to do today, first mowing of the season..... lot's more to come.

Stopped at the Bus's place the other night and had a good conversation with him. His son came over and we solved all the world's problems, so we can now

Celebrate Life.


d5thouta5 said...

glad to read that the bronc is ready spend some time performing as it was designed....if you put an Eddie Bauer logo on the back the barngoddess will be showing up at the local polo matches soon.... and you call that four-wheeling..??..guess it did right on four wheels....but you didn't break anything....or stick anything....but at least you got cose to the pond....good job TC....the little mule looks good and you've done, our your helpers, have done, a good job in reviving her....good job.....

Busplunge said...

Bronco looks good! Much better than it did on the trailer last winter!